A Beginning Among Millions

by Aberrant Corollary

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released September 25, 2011

シン (Shin) - Composition, Arrangement, Production, Programming, Artwork

Dialogue in "Feed Me A Stray Cat" sampled from the film "American Psycho".

"explosion4.wav" in "Tion Your Emoshuns" sampled from the user sarge4267 at FreeSound.org



all rights reserved


Aberrant Corollary Japan


Hallo. My name's Shin; I'm an unguitarist. That's a fancy way of saying that I'm not very good at guitar.

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Track Name: Tion Your Emoshuns
When we're young
We're so carefree
It's kinda like we're useless
Never ever minding our own business
We don't raise our defences
'Cause we're never charged with offences, no
We didn't care about what people said
We just had fun and played
A roll in the hay was just a roll in the hay
We wanted to be gay
Before the meaning went astray

Enter teenage years
Hormones - left, right, and centre
"You don't understand that we do understand", they say
You're going through a phase
But soon, it's a haze
They can't see your face
'Cause you're following the latest craze
Your opinions going up in a blaze
At best, your mind is a maze
A place for impressions to graze
You're against this world that you grace
You just don't get people with age
Someday, you'll put them in their place
And leave the stupid rat race

And reach your mid-life crisis

Should I change occupations
Alter my vocation
Direct my inclination to some other dislocation
I don't think so
This isn't a vacation
It will have implications
Not to mention, frustrations
Abrasions, erosions, inflictions
Wrath from a higher station
Opposition from the automation
Yeah, it's me they wanna shun

In the future, we'll be hard-hearted
The ones we love will have departed
The ones left will be martyred
The sea won't be parted
You won't be regarded
You'll be simply carded
Like a seventh-grader
Judging by behaviour
Your false sense of grandeur
But, I'm in your brain and it's really, really bland here
It's really, really bland here

And now you die in an explosion

Or an implosion

In the wee small hours of the morning
While the whole wide world is fast asleep
You listen to some Sinatra
And hope that this is just a dream